About EPO

powerlinesEPO has established itself as a self-regulating organization intended to fill, and to keep government from filling, a regulatory void. The marketplace in Ohio serves ABCs and customers best when there is a minimum expected level of expertise and responsibility in transacting energy contracts. Members of the EPO can expect to help develop and maintain this standard and assist with monitoring the industry.

Additionally, the EPO can provide members with a forum for addressing business interacting within the industry to sort out concerns in a manner that keeps transactions fair, transparent, and equitable for all parties.

Working with an EPO member ensures customers are working with a company that is dedicated to a higher level of conduct and quality service. EPO members have demonstrated acumen with regard to energy structuring and purchasing that allows consumers to focus on their business.

Why work with EPO Members:

EPO members have demonstrated a commitment to ethical conduct and quality service. EPO provides a self-regulating process aimed at protecting the integrity of the industry by identifying bad actors. Consumers know if they work with EPO members they can expect a higher level of service and satisfaction.

What to Expect from an EPO Member:

All EPO members work with a minimum level of suppliers ensuring customers will receive the true benefits of a competitive bid – not the outcome of a few favored suppliers.

EPO members will ensure that customers receive true “apples-to-apples” comparisons and varying products so customers can find the right product for their situation at any given time. By working with numerous clients on a daily basis, EPO members will have a strong knowledge of the marketplace.

How does the process work?

EPO members are experts in energy markets and will provide you with the best solution for your company’s specific situation. Customers can expect to sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA), which lets the EPO member pull data from your utility and bid your load out to suppliers. A Letter of Exclusivity (LOE) is sometimes used to ensure that all parties understand the relationship between the customer and the EPO member.

After bidding out the customer’s load the EPO member will review the different received bids, compile them into a report and make a recommendation to the customer tailored to the customer’s specific risk profile and situation. Customer’s can expect a high level of service to help them understand the different part of the energy products including fees, wholesale charges, ancillary charges, and the other parts that make up the final price of the bid.

Finally, once a bid is selected and a contract signed, a customer can expect an EPO member to continuously monitor the energy supply and charges to ensure proper billing.

Click here to view the Energy Professionals of Ohio Bylaws.