Ohio’s Renewable and Energy Efficiency Requirements May Change (Again…)

Legislation recently introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives by Rep. Blessing and most of his Republican counterparts would effectively remove the requirement that Ohio’s electric distribution utilities meet certain energy efficiency and renewable energy benchmarks.

House Bill 114 would make all energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements permissive rather than requirements.  This makes the “requirements” optional for Ohio’s utilities.  With respect to Ohio’s energy efficiency benchmarks, it is likely that Ohio’s EDU’s will continue with the programs since they allow utilities to recover the full cost of the program plus a bonus called “shared savings” should the programs over-perform.

Customers will have some advanced flexibility under this plan.  All renewable energy goals will be 100% bypassable should a customer shop and the legislation would allow customers of ANY size to opt-out of a utility’s energy efficiency plan.

A detailed analysis provided by the non-partisan Legislative Service Commission can be found here.