Protecting Customers

The EPO has put together this page to help you and your customers communicate to policymakers on the rate-increase proposals utilities are promoting.

WHAT’S AT STAKE – Ohio’s utilities are trying to force captive customers to subsidize their shareholders. Here’s how:

AEP’s Proposal – Subsidize old coal plants, keep private investment out of Ohio, and require captive Ohio ratepayers to fund their utilities plan for new power plants.

First Energy’s Proposal – Punish affordable sources of energy like clean burning natural gas plants by subsidizing utility-owned nuclear plants through extra charges on customer bills.  Even though FirstEnergy has made it clear they will sell the plants!


Contact your legislator and members of Ohio’s public utility committees and let them know how you have used energy choice to save your company money and jobs.  Take the following steps below to protect your bottom line!

  1. Use this DRAFT LETTER to help get your message in writing.
  2. Use this LINK to find your state representative and this LINK to find your state senator.  Using the information provided in your legislator’s link, email them your letter.  Considering calling their office as well.  Staff will take your information and ensure your message is heard.
  3. Use this LINK to generate an email to Ohio’s public utility committee members.  Take THIS LANGUAGE and use it to help create a custom message to the committee members.  Hit send.